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The Wonder Years Inc. is open weekdays from 7:30am until 6:00pm. Two nutritious snacks are served daily. Children bring their lunch (which can be heated up for them at the facility); we also have a hot lunch provider if wanted. Licensed capacity at our San Carlos facility is 75 children, 84 children at the facility in Palo Alto, and 132 at our location in North Mountain View and 108 for our South Mountain View. Children are placed by age. Each age group shares the same teachers, curriculum, and classrooms regardless of their schedule. Full time or part time schedules are available. Minimum requirement for enrollment is two full days or three half days per week. Resting time is provided for all of the children every day after lunch. Each classroom accommodates approximately twelve children with a head teacher. We also have teacher assistants available to sustain an overall ratio of eight to ten children per staff member. We are open throughout the summer but do close on major holidays, one week in Summer and a two week end of year Winter break.

Key Benefits

  • Focus on Individual Child
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Encouraged Responsibility, Exploration, and Creativity