We offer a Kindergarten program at our South Mountain View Campus

*Please note: The program is only offered based on demand and has limited space.


Our goal is to create a warm and secure environment that fosters social, emotional, and cognitive growth which is the key to success for this age group. Our kindergarten prepares children for elementary school while allowing them opportunities to play and have social experiences. The daily schedule follows a typical public school kindergarten day, incorporating such activities as reader’s workshop, centers, math, writing workshop, etc. in a smaller class setting. The teacher to child ratio is 1:14. There is one head teacher and a floating assistant. The curriculum goals are based on California State Standards.

Our mission as educators is to give all children, regardless of the speed or the way they learn, the opportunity for an appropriate education tailored to their individual needs. Through loving guidance and unconditional acceptance, we hope to provide the warm and trusting environment each child needs to encounter their educational path

Daily Schedule/Curriculum

Our kindergarten program’s daily schedule is structured like a public kindergarten school day. While they are very similar, there are some variables that permit the class to be compatible with a preschool setting. 

Children will begin their day with free choice between an array of activities geared to ease the transition between home and school time. Then the children will have a transition task which provides fine motor practice and review of previous learning concepts. Next, the morning meeting begins the day in a welcoming atmosphere with activities that help promote learning.

The children participate daily between a variety of weekly centers. The centers allow for organized small group activity with a designated learning focus. Types of centers include listening corner, sorting, sight word, word building, patterning, phonics, math, geometry, etc.

Our Writer’s Workshop nurtures children as writers, giving them time and space to learn how to write for a variety of audiences and purposes. Topics that are addressed in the writer’s workshop will include: habits of writers, procedure, craft, skill, author, and genre.

Our Reader’s Workshop is designed to help students become more effective readers. Reading workshop has three different components that each focuses on students’ active involvement in their learning: independent reading, guided reading, and literature study. 

During math lessons, we will incorporate whole group instruction on place value, number relationships in addition and subtraction, classification of shapes, and collection/data analysis.  

Focused Curriculum is a term used to describe a different kind of rotation where, unlike Pre-K, not every day the students rotate among all the different subjects. Each one of the following subjects will be the focus for one day of the week: social studies (topics will be based on five themes: home/selfcommunity, history, economics: and government), science (natural and physical sciences will be explored through observation, experiments, and investigations), art, physical/health education (healthy living concepts will be taught in conjunction with physical activity) & culinary arts (the children will have weekly opportunities to complete either a cooking project or craft).

The Wonder Years Preschool has extracurricular activities that take place in the afternoon. These activities (dance, music, foreign languages, and movement) are all part of our enrichment program and are all inclusive and compulsory.

Kindergarten Tuition

To secure a space, first and last month’s tuition, a total of $4000 is required prior to the start date by check or cash. This is non-refundable and can only be redeemed in exchange of services only. No cash refunds will be provided.

• Tuition is $2000 a month for a full time schedule

Kindergarten Certificate

We want to clarify that we are not an elementary school and we are running this Kindergarten program under the preschool umbrella. It is important for you to note that in the state of California, Kindergarten is not required; hence, you have the right to apply to first grade when your child becomes of age for that program. This applies to public schools. Private schools have their own requirements and you must contact them directly for specifics. The curriculum on the other hand, will be Kindergarten based level.